Safer Drivers Course

Turning Every Driver Into A Safer Driver

Research has shown provisional drivers are most at risk on our roads. So be smart and don’t be a mere statistic! Complete the Safer Drivers Course and be credited with 20 logbook hours.

The Safer Drivers Course is a NSW Government initiative to give learner drivers the skills and knowledge required to be become safer drivers before gaining their license and entering this high risk period. Any learner driver under 25 who has completed at least 50 logbook driving hours are eligible to complete the course and be credited with a further 20 hours in their logbooks. The course consists of two modules:

Module 1: A three hour workshop to increase safe driving skills. Module 1 is led by an experienced facilitator in an adult learning environment with up to 12 participants. Participants will come away with the knowledge and understanding of:

  • The difference between supervised and unsupervised driving
  • The increased risk for provisional drivers and how these risks relate to road safety and crash involvement
  • Internal and external influences behind the wheel
  • How to grow your circle of control
  • How to identify, manage and reduce these increased risks


Module 2: An in vehicle practical on low risk driving strategies. Module 2 gives participants the chance to put what was learnt in Module 1 into action out on the road with a licensed driving instructor in a dual control vehicle. Participants will gain practical driving skills in:

  • Following distances
  • Crash avoidance space
  • Speed management
  • Spatial awareness
  • Hazard perception
  • Decision Making


Benefits Of The Safer Drivers Course:

  • Assists in the progression from supervised to un-supervised driving
  • Provides participants with an understanding of important techniques
  • Reduces the risk of crashing by adopting safe driving behaviours, minimising risks and applying low risk driving strategies.
  • Cost effective way to gain more logbook hours with the course for just $140