Highway Course

Highway course for Drivers

Over our years of experience and feedback from instructors, learner drivers are not being taught how to drive on highways. We want to correct this, as we don’t want to see any learner driver or experienced driver get into an accident because they were not aware of the rules.

This course will purely focus on highway driving. Similar to our Defensive Driving Course, drivers can expect to learn a number of outcomes that they can apply to there everyday driving. It is inevitable that a driver will use a highway to reach a destination, so why not be prepared.

Course structure

This 3 hours course will include a combination of theory and practical elements. Through the guidance of our highly trained instructors and within the appropriate safety measures the driver can achieve the following:

  • High-speed lane changing

For a driver, changing lanes at a high speed on a busy highway may be over whelming. We will teach the driver the steps involved to complete this successfully and safely.

  • Blind spot lane changing on high speed

It is vital for any driver to check their blind spot when lane changing. The driver needs to be aware of what a blind spot is and where they need to check. Particularly on a highway, this is important to avoid any accidents.

  • Over taking heavy vehicles on high speed

Heavy vehicles such as trucks will be regular users of a highway. For a learner driver or an experienced driver, driving beside a truck can be intimidating. We will teach the driver the rules to over taking a heavy vehicle. If not done correctly, this can present as a risky situation.  

  • What to do in adverse weather conditions

The driver will be driving in all types of weather conditions. They need to be prepared and know how to adjust their driving accordingly. This will help the driver also remain calm if for example there is heavy rain.

  • Understand ABS breaking

ABS stands for Anti-lock breaking. This helps the driver maintain some steering ability and avoid skidding while breaking. 

  • How to merge on a highway

This is the first thing a driver will need to do to access a highway. The driver needs to be aware of how to approach this situation and what to look out for while merging.

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