Learners Drivers

The Low Risk Course is made up of two levels and includes a combination of theory and practical exercises. This course is a great introduction to driving for learners and highlights what could go wrong behind the wheel. All learners are recommended to take this course in order to become a safer driver, be prepared to respond effectively to an emergency situation behind the wheel and gain more control of there vehicle by understanding the mechanics of a car.      

Driving can be the riskiest task for any driver (regardless of license class) to participate in on a day-to-day basis. Here at the Academy of Road Safety, we want to further reduce that risk for new drivers through acquiring the correct skills and driver knowledge. Via the guidance of our highly trained instructors and within the appropriate safety measures the learner can achieve the following:

  • Stop distancing

Know how to react and brake if a car suddenly stopped in front of you. The reaction time can make all of the difference in being involved in an accident or not. 

  • Speed management

Applying speed when driving can be risky. Understanding the use of speed for different road situations can help you be safer on the road.

  • Identifying and Managing Risk

Know what hazards to look out for on the road and react accordingly. This will prevent you from being involved in an accident.  

  • Distractions

You will be able to identify what is considered as a distraction on the road. Mobile phone usage while driving is becoming quite common and is also a big cause for accidents.