I have a driving licence, so why do I need further driver training?

For most drivers, the training that occurred before obtaining a licence focused on passing a test in basic car control techniques and road law. The very high crash and death rate for newly licensed drivers is evidence that this training and the test itself, is inadequate. However, as a driver’s experience on the road increases their crash rate usually decreases provided they survive. Undertaking Driver safety training programs can help drivers learn safe driving strategies in a planned way rather than relying on experience alone.

Does Driver Training Work?

Would you board a plane if you knew your pilot has no formal training… the answer NO! The same applies here too. Before you get behind the wheel of a car you need to be well equipped with the right skills and techniques. The problem is that a person can be given a driver’s licence without having untaken any formal instruction or training. The licence test, which takes about 40 minutes, mainly targets road law rather than driving capability in all conditions. Once licensed, drivers can drive forever without further training. It is simply left to chance that drivers will learn from experience as they drive but most will crash at least once and some crashes will be fatal.

Not the right way to go! What is skills-based driver training?

The terms “skills-based” or “traditional” driver training have created considerable confusion and uninformed debate within the road safety industry. Skills-based training has been loosely used to describe training that focuses solely on vehicle control skills particularly to deal with emergencies. Accredited driver training providers like Academy of Road Safety have acknowledged this research and designed programs as per your needs. How long will it take to learn better driving? As with any training there is a limit to what can be achieved in short courses. Improving your driving is a continuous learning process. Our Programs have been developed in response to research and changing vehicle and safety technology. All our programs and refresher training ensures drivers are up to date with the latest information.

Will these programs give drivers, especially young drivers, confidence?

Generally all drivers are optimistic about their driving ability. This is more so with young drivers. Our driving programs help you gain a more realistic view of your ability to drive and to recognise the risks of accidents. We have designed out programs based on individual Behaviour, attitude, awareness, motivation and skill. We help the drivers realise their limitations through practical learning exercises.