Defensive Driving Level 2

Those who have completed our Level 1 Driver Safety Program are eligible to complete our Level 2 course. Level 2 is a full day course with more of an emphasis on the practical element. Groups are smaller and participants will have greater 1 on 1 time with instructors along with a catered lunch.

Our Level 1 course is an introduction to low risk driving strategies and defensive driving however Level 2 is a comprehensive program that will give participants high level safe driving skills to ensure they are among the safest road users. Not only will low risk driving strategies and crash avoidance techniques be expanded on from Level 1, participants will also learn harm minimisation, how to change a tyre and save money at the mechanic, correct driving techniques and a range of other skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Seating Position
  • Vehicle Safety Systems
  • Harm Minimisation
  • Oversteer/Understeer
  • Car Maintenance
  • Vehicle Types/Configurations
  • Car Control
  • Vision
  • Advanced Crash Avoidance Techniques
  • Advanced Low Risk Driving Strategies


You must have completed Driver Safety Program Level 1 and require a valid drivers’ licence (Learners must have a supervising driver) and a road registered/road worthy vehicle. It can be any vehicle type and we suggest you bring the vehicle that you drive most frequently. Two drivers can share the one vehicle for the day. Normal cost applies to both drivers.