Defensive Driving Level 1

Everyday 3 people are killed on Australian roads, with 10 times that number being seriously injured. Driving is the riskiest activity that the general population participate in on a daily basis.

Road Trauma costs the nation over 20 billion dollars every year. Young drivers are the most at risk on our roads, with over 20 people aged between 17-25 injured on our roads every day.

Don’t be a Statistic! Complete the Driver Safety Program and give yourself the best chance of staying safe behind the wheel.

The Driver Safety Program is Academy of Road Safety’s premier program and is a must for all drivers. With most drivers receiving no further training beyond the driving test, we have created the Driver Safety Program to educate drivers with the vital skills, knowledge and experience needed to remain safe out on the road.

This course is held at Sydney International Regatta Centre and is a combination of theory and practical exercises. Within a relaxed and entertaining environment participants will learn how to dramatically lower the risk of being involved in an accident along with the opportunity to practice what to do if faced by an emergency situation behind the wheel.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identifying and Managing Risk
  • Factors in Road Accidents
  • Speed vs Stopping Distance
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Fatigue
  • Distractions
  • Low Risk Driving Strategies
  • ANCAP Safety Ratings
  • Speed on Impact
  • Emergency Braking
  • Anti-Lock Braking System

What are participants saying about the Driver Safety Program?

“I found the Driver Safety Program with Academy of Road Safety invaluable after completing the course as a learner driver. Once gaining my P’s I was faced by an emergency situation and had to apply what was learnt at the Driver Safety Program. Without completing the course I most definitely would have had an accident and am sure the skills I learnt will help me avoid many other accidents into the future” – Josh Brown


You need a valid drivers’ licence (Learners must have a supervising driver) and a road registered/road worthy vehicle. It can be any vehicle type and we suggest you bring the vehicle that you drive most frequently. Two drivers can share the one vehicle for the day. Normal cost applies to both drivers