The issue surrounding young drivers and why so many are having accidents

Provisional Drivers are most at risk on our roads

Everyday over 20 people aged between 17 and 25 are hospitalised in Australia due to road accidents

The highest risk period of driving is after initially gaining your licence. 3 in every 1000 provisional drivers are injured in a single vehicle accident every year. This doesn’t include multi vehicle collisions and not at fault accidents

Over 30 average Australian families are devastated by the death of a loved one due to road accidents every month

Why are young drivers having accidents?

There is a dramatic spike in the rate of accidents as drivers’ progress from Ls to Ps due to progressing from supervised to un-supervised driving and other factors which are outlined below. This brings a host of new risks that suddenly apply and need to be managed solely by the driver.

The driving test – Majority of learner drivers focus purely on learning the skills they need to pass the driving test, however they will never drive how they did in the test once gaining their licence. The learning doesn’t stop just because the driving test is over, being behind the wheel is a constantly changing experience and drivers are learning every day, especially provisional drivers. The most skilled part of the driving test is the reverse park, but no drivers have serious accidents while reverse parking. Majority of drivers receive no further training beyond the driving test and are missing out on the skills needed to keep themselves safe on the road

Lacks of experience – Majority of drivers learn from experience once gaining their licence. A driver may have near misses or even an accident and will be more cautious the next time they are in a similar situation. It is also very easy to make a wrong decision when experiencing something for the first time behind the wheel. Due to losing the supervising driver, if someone were to make a wrong decision, they would wear the consequences.

Key factors in road accidents – In road accidents speed, alcohol, fatigue and distraction are the key factors. These don’t apply to learner drivers as they are managed by the supervising drivers however become very real risks the day someone gets their licence and needs to be managed individually.

Lifestyle – Most people gain their licence during an important part of their life where they are making big decisions about their future or working towards them. There is a lot of other things going on and driving is one of the biggest safety concerns during this time.

Do Something About It

At Academy of Road Safety, we meet thousands of drivers and their families every year. Statistically many of these drivers will be involved in accidents and all will be faced by life or death situations on the road many times throughout the average 50 year driving life. It is Academy of Road Safety’s mission to give all drivers the best chance at remaining safe on the road. We have created road safety information, Don’t be a Statistic, to arm young drivers and their loved ones with the vital information needed to address these issues. 

Don’t be a Statistic is a great source of information for young drivers and supervising drivers, the information provides practical strategies that all drivers can implement to stay safe behind the wheel and outlines the next steps to further enhance driving skills.

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