Help avoid the Central Coast being on the list of road fatalities

In recent reports, the Central Coast has been the center of serious road accidents, with some leading to people’s deaths. What needs to be pointed out is that not all people involved were the driver; some of the fatalities included passengers. This year alone, the Central Coast road toll sits at 12, with some of these being children. This means that nearly two people die on Central Coast roads every month.  

The Academy of Road Safety takes statistics such as these very seriously and wants to help people become more equipped, safer drivers. This is something we can now offer to all drivers from the Central Coast, through our Defensive Driving Course. On the 14th of August, we encourage all drivers of all license groups, to attend our exclusive launching course at Mt Penang Parklands in Kariong. Following this will be six other dates that this course will also run. Whether you are a highly experienced driver or new driver to the roads, there is something for all to learn. It might be that one new thing you gained from this course that saves your life or someone else’s. 

The benefits of this course will assist to decrease road fatalities and accidents on Central Coast roads, as drivers will be more prepared for emergency situations. This course has already had such an impact in Sydney, since the Academy of Road Safety began to successfully deliver the program last year. The third largest driving school in Sydney also backs this course. 

The Academy of Road Safety mission is - to provide drivers, of all ages and experience levels, with the vital skills, knowledge and experience to ensure they are confident behind the wheel to keep themselves and their loved ones safe on the road. This is vital with current statistics presenting as, ‘everyday 3 people are killed on Australian roads with 10 times that number seriously injured’. 

The Academy of Road Safety further ensures that all drivers receive up to date training through our blend of theoretical and practical learning.