Become a Safer Driver Today!

Driving is dangerous business, many drivers have accidents on our roads every year and driving is the highest risk activity the general population participate in on a daily basis.

This doesn’t have to be the case though, with the correct skills, knowledge, experience, training and strategies you can dramatically reduce your chance of being involved in an accident.

Academy of Road Safety outlines below some of these strategies that can make you safer on the roads today.

  1. Stay Focused

Driving is a complex activity with most people driving on ‘auto pilot’ and not thinking about the task at hand. You have a number of varying parameters to take into consideration while you're in the driver's seat. These include; road conditions, speed limits, traffic laws, signs and signals, other drivers, your own vehicle, weather conditions, time of day and distractions, just to name a few. Staying concentrated on driving — and just driving — is key.
Distractions, such as chatting on the telephone or eating, make a driver less ready to see potential issues and appropriately respond to them. It's not simply adolescent drivers who are prone to such errors, experienced drivers can become relaxed in their driving and begin to put themselves at risk. Every driver needs to remind themselves to stay centered.

  1. Don’t Take Risks

Speed, alcohol, fatigue and distractions are the 4 factors that lead to majority of accidents. Being aware of these risks and managing them appropriately will dramatically reduce your chance of being involved in an accident. Many drivers become relaxed on these risks and won’t think twice about going over the speed limit or talking on their phone while driving. Most of the time you will be lucky and get away with it, however if you are faced by a situation taking these risks will really be the difference between having an accident or not.

  1. Accommodate Other Drivers

It doesn’t matter how good a driver you are, another driver can always cause you to be involved in an accident. Low risk driving strategies are the best way to ensure you will remain safe from other road users. Low risk driving strategies include safe following distance, maintaining crash avoidance space, speed management with varying conditions and hazard perception. into your path specifically before you. Foreseeing what another driver may do and making the proper change helps you stay out of danger totally while driving.

  1. Attend a Defensive Driving Course

With most drivers receiving no further training beyond the driving test, further training is the best way to increase your skills and knowledge to become a safer driver. A Defensive Driving Course is designed for drivers of all ages and experience levels to ensure they have the necessary skills to remain safe on the road. This is achieved by going in depth on how to lower your chance of anything happening while also learning crash avoidance techniques and what to do if something were to go wrong. These skills are invaluable and will very well be the difference between having an accident or not, or a major or minor accident. The great thing about a Defensive Driving Course is that you attend in the vehicle you drive most often, as odds are if were to have an accident you would be in that vehicle. This provides a great opportunity to push your vehicle to limits that you can’t on the road and learn how it reacts and handles in an emergency situation.