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With the Academy of Road Safety you’re in good hands

Driving is the riskiest activities the general population participate in on a daily basis. Combine this risk with the consequences if something were to go wrong and driving is one of the most important safety concerns that needs to be managed. The fact is majority of drivers receive no further training beyond the driving test and will never drive how they did in the driving test again. With the most advanced part of the driving test being a reverse park, drivers are missing out on the more important skills needed to remain safe on the road. At Academy of Road Safety, it is our mission to fill this gap and provide drivers, of all ages and experience levels, with the vital skills, knowledge and experience to keep themselves and their loved ones safe on the road.

Everyday 3 people are killed on Australian roads with 10 times that number seriously injured; however with the correct training many of these accidents could be easily avoided. These are average Australian’s who don’t wake up that morning thinking they are going to have an accident. Accidents can and do happen to anyone and it comes down to drivers acquiring the required skills to keep them safe at an individual level.

Our training will provide a great benefit to any driver, whether you are a learner driver who has never got behind the wheel or have been driving for 50 years. Through classroom based training we educate drivers on the key factors in road accidents, low risk driving strategies and a range of other topics which arms drivers with the knowledge to lower their chance of being involved in an accident in the first place.  We also provide practical training within a controlled environment to ensure drivers have the best chance if faced by an emergency behind the wheel by learning how to utilise vehicle safety systems, perform an emergency stop and remain in control of their vehicle.

Academy of Road Safety delivers pioneering road safety training and is the industry experts. We can help you become a safer driver today within a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. The first step to becoming a safer driver is with our defensive driving course. For more information on our Defensive Driving Program – Level 1 course CLICK HERE